Sandalwood Tea

Excellent quality and exquisite taste and aroma


Excellent quality and exquisite taste and aroma

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Introduction of product:

Sandalwood tea, as the company’s main product, is of excellent quality and exquisite taste and aroma. The tea is packed in sealed foil lined packets and these packets are packed in sturdy outer packaging designed to protect the tea from the rigors of transportation from the production factory to the consumer.  The box has been security sealed at the factory ensuring the integrity of the tea. This air tight, strong and secure packaging ensures the product not only fully meets export quality inspection requirements, but also maintains the rich variety of essential trace elements and minerals, as well as rare amino acids and other nutrients beneficial to the human body.

The net content of each satchel is a generous 42g with 3 satchels packed in each box giving a net weight above the stated 125g. The tea brewing method is simple and convenient: 2-3g tea are brewed in a pot with hot water each time, and it can be drunk after the tea fragrance has been slowly released over a 1 to 2 minute period then decanted through a strainer. A single serve can be brewed 6-8 times, about a day’s consumption. Sandalwood tea is non-toxic and harmless, there is no drinking method or frequency limit


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Weight 125 kg