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Sandalwood Tea

Sandalwood tea can effectively relieve tension, improve efficiency and reduce pressure with minimal effort.

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In today’s fast-paced life, people often live under great pressure. Sandalwood tea can effectively relieve tension, improve efficiency and reduce pressure with minimal effort. Rich in a variety of nutritional trace elements can supplement the nutritional deficiency and imbalance in the fast-paced life. Sandalwood tea also has the health care functions of clearing lung and benefiting energy, regulating blood lipid, regulating

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Sandalwood Tea

Sandalwood tea, as the company’s main product, is of excellent quality and exquisite taste and aroma

About Australian Sandalwood Tea

Sandalwood tea not only has a distinctive flavour but is also a valuable Chinese herbal medicine. It reportedly has mainly the effects of improving immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, which has the effects of calming down and tranquilising nerves and relieving pain and nourishing the stomach and heart. Throughout Asia, the sandalwood tree is commonly referred to as the “Gold Tree” due to its significant religious and medicinal properties and is considered to be a health tea.

Sandalwood tea is sourced from leaves from Sandalwood trees in Western Australia or India. The taste of sandalwood in India is heavier, and the Australian sandalwood is pleasant and fragrant, which is more suitable for tea making.

Australia has a sparse population and a diverse climate, which is suitable for the growth of sandalwood. Our tea is derived from leaves grown on natural sandalwood trees and government regulated plantations in Western Australia. It contains the essence of nature with no additional or artificial flavouring, no preservatives, no pesticides and no artificial fertilizers. All leaves are harvested under a responsible and sustainable program to ensure the highest quality of tea is produced whilst having minimal negative impact on the trees or the environment.

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive timbers in the world. In fact, Wikipedia quotes Sandalwood as the second most expensive timber in the world (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandalwood) mainly because of the slow growth rate of sandalwood trees. It generally takes a minimum of 7 years for the sandalwood tree to mature enough to commence producing a fragrance. This makes sandalwood wood and sandalwood tea very rare and valuable. The mature sandalwood has a distinct fragrance, which is like being in the forest. It makes you feel calm and has the effect of relieving pressure.

About Australian Sandalwood Products​

Sandalwood tea has a long history and has been used extensively in clinical treatments under traditional Chinese medicine. Only in recent years has sandalwood tea become available to the public. Fresh sandalwood tea is picked by the indigenous people and others of Western Australia, and the picking process is very particular. No moth leaves, variegated leaves or waterlogged leaves are harvested and all leaves are sorted and checked prior to production. The fresh leaves are cut, rolled and then dried using three separate processes. After further sorting to remove any unsuitable tea particulates, the final packaging process occurs.

Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd is the first company in Australia to commercially produce Sandalwood tea. The company has permission to harvest selected sandalwood forests and plantations in Western Australia. We have developed a sandalwood tea production process based on the traditional methodologies of tea manufacturing in China combined with the principals of thousands of years of practical use of sandalwood leaves by indigenous people within Australia. The production process is monitored under a specifically designed quality assurance program to ensure the highest level of food handling safety. Our tea is manufactured from 100% Australian Sandalwood leaves and no other ingredients or additives are used in the manufacture of our tea.

Sandalwood tea, as the company’s main product, is of excellent quality and exquisite taste and aroma. The tea is packed in sealed foil lined packets and these packets are packed in sturdy outer packaging designed to protect the tea from the rigors of transportation from the production factory to the consumer.  The box has been security sealed at the factory ensuring the integrity of the tea. This air tight, strong and secure packaging ensures the product not only fully meets export quality inspection requirements, but also maintains the rich variety of essential trace elements and minerals, as well as rare amino acids and other nutrients beneficial to the human body.


What our buyers says

Mr. W, a Chinese man living in Australia all the year round, kept his blood pressure below 140 after drinking sandalwood tea for 2 months. He has now ceased taking blood pressure medication and compared with his previous condition of hypertension, he has now naturally reduced and stabilised his blood pressure.

Mr. W

Mr. Steven from Australia, introduced by a friend, started drinking sandalwood tea a month ago. He sent us a thank-you letter, saying that he didn't expect that the effect of tea could be so ideal! Mr. Steven used to be tired and inefficient; now he is in a good state of mind, radiant and more energetic.

Mr. Steven