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Quality Australian Sandalwood tea production

Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd is the first company in Australia to commercially produce Sandalwood tea. The company has permission to harvest selected sandalwood forests and plantations in Western Australia. We have developed a sandalwood tea production process based on the traditional methodologies of tea manufacturing in China combined with the principals of thousands of years of practical use of sandalwood leaves by indigenous people within Australia. The production process is monitored under a specifically designed quality assurance program to ensure the highest level of food handling safety. Our tea is manufactured from 100% Australian Sandalwood leaves and no other ingredients or additives are used in the manufacture of our tea.

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Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

In today’s fast-paced life, people often live under great pressure.
Sandalwood tea can effectively relieve tension, improve efficiency and reduce pressure with minimal effort. Rich in a variety of nutritional trace elements can supplement the nutritional deficiency and imbalance in the fast-paced life.

Sandalwood tea also has the health care functions of clearing lung and
benefiting energy, regulating blood lipid, regulating blood pressure, etc. It
is suitable for healthy and sub healthy people of all ages.

Sandalwood tea has a long history and has been used extensively in clinical treatments under traditional Chinese medicine. Only in recent years has sandalwood tea become available to the public. Fresh sandalwood tea is picked by the indigenous people and others of Western Australia, and the picking process is very particular. No moth leaves, variegated leaves or waterlogged leaves are harvested and all leaves are sorted and checked prior to production. The fresh leaves are cut, rolled and then dried using three separate processes. After further sorting to remove any unsuitable tea particulates, the final packaging process occurs.